Serviço Nacional de Saúde | 40 Anos | 1979-2019
Direção-Geral da Saúde

Directorate - Analysis and Information

Areas of Activity

  • To cooperate in the normalization and harmonization of data collection and treatment and to coordinate the publishing of health information, particularly that which is reported to the national statistical system or to foreign entities;
  • To prepare and publish adequate information within the national statistical system, namely health statistics (taking into consideration the activities of the National Statistics Institute);
  • To assure representation on the Statistical Council;
  • To coordinate and assure epidemiological surveillance of health determinants and communicable and non communicable diseases;
  • To promote the quality of relevant epidemiological information and, particularly, to assure the accuracy and comparability of the information regarding causes of death;
  • To develop and keep surveillance on diseases monitored by the public health surveillance system and the disease management system;
  • To prepare, publish and support instruments for planning, monitor and evaluate programmes, health services and health impact;
  • To assure permanent data collection on morbility, mortality and unexpected health events that represent an actual or potential risk for health;