Serviço Nacional de Saúde | 40 Anos | 1979-2019
Direção-Geral da Saúde

Directorate - Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Areas of Activity

  • To prepare and execute the National Health Plan, developing and promoting activities and programmes of health promotion and of improvement in healthcare, in primary, secondary and tertiary  health care;
  • To support the definition of policies, priorities and objectives of the Ministry of Health and to promote health gains;
  • To guide, coordinate and evaluate the activities of health promotion and education, throughout both the individual and the family cycle of life, as well as in specific environments, considering environmental and occupational factors;
  • To guide, coordinate and monitor the activities of communicable diseases prevention and control, including the National Immunization Programme, as well of non communicable diseases;
  • To publish best practice in assisted reproduction and to coordinate the abortion services;
  • To promote access to sexual and reproductive health information;
  • Regarding environmental health protection, to coordinate actions in the areas of physical risks, namely ionizing and non ionizing radiation, chemical substances and biological agents;
  • To assure collaboration with governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the areas of health promotion and protection and to facilitate partnerships;
  • To collaborate, in health emergency planning, with the National Institute of Medical Emergency, given the statutes of Law 81/2009, of August 21, and article 20 of Law 48/90, of August 24.