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Public procurement

Directorate-General of Health promotes public procurement via electronic services.

The new Procurement Procedures Code, which came into enforcement in July 30, 2008 (Decree-Law 18/2008 of January 29), establishes that all purchases made by public bodies (publicly owned enterprises, local authorities, ministries, institutes, among others) have to be processed through electronic services.

The Directorate-General of Health adopted the Electronic Service vortalGOV, and agreed with Vortal, the company in charge of said service, so that all suppliers may join vortalGOV and be prepared for the new procedures.

Electronic Service vortalGOV – Universal Access – enables free access, consult of tender contract documentation and submittal of proposals.

Get ready for this new reality. For more information visit vortalGOV

For detailed information on Universal Access, please check the detailed flier or online information (User Registry).

Other documents:

  • Submit proposals by Universal Access
  • User guide for digital certification

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