Structure and legal framework


DGS is governed by one Director-General, assisted by two Deputy Directors.

DGS’ activities are supported by:

  • 4 directorates:
    • Department of Quality in Health;
    • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion;
    • Analysis and Information;
    • International Relations.
  • 9 divisions:
    • Quality Management;
    • Patient Mobility;
    • Infant, Youth, Reproductive and Sexual Health;
    • Healthy Lifestyle;
    • Environmental and Occupational Health;
    • Epidemiology and Statistics;
    • Programme Monitoring;
    • European and Multilateral Affairs and Cooperation;
    • Management Support.
  • 2 support units:
    • National Public Health Officer and Public Health Emergencies Management;
    • National Health Service Contact Centre.
  • Organisation Chart of the Directorate-General of Health

Legal framework

  • Organisation Law of the Ministry of Health: Decree-Law 124/2011 of December 29
  • Organisation Law of the Directorate-General of Health: Regulatory Decree 14/2012 of January 26
  • Definition of the directorates of the Directorate-General of Health: Ordinance 159/2012 of May 22
  • Definition of the divisions of the Directorate-General of Health: Director-General of Health’s Order 7763/2012 of May 29