Serviço Nacional de Saúde | 40 Anos | 1979-2019
Direção-Geral da Saúde

Support Unit of the National Public Health Officer and Public Health Emergencies Management

Areas of activity

  • To support the Director-General of Health in his activities as National Public Health Officer, namely in supervising and coordinating public health officers;
  • To support the National Public Health Officer:
    • In assuring timely and discretionary action by the State in case of serious public health risk;
    • In requisition of health services or professionals, when in serious public health emergencies, by public statement of the Ministry of Health;
    • Within national health surveillance regarding international mobility of people and goods, in assuring the compliance with the International Sanitary Regulation;
    • In the decision of appeals resulting from actions of public health officers;
  • To provide legal advice to public health officers;
  • To issue documents and information regarding the actions of public health officers
  • To coordinate the assessment of public health threats and to collaborate is risk management with other departments of the Directorate-General of Health, with international institutions, to assure an adequate response;
  • To assure the communications regarding national and international warnings, including the recipience, analysis and issue of notifications on several warning systems;
  • To explore early detection public health warning tools, namely to collect data on unexpected situations and phenomena, on multiple information sources;
  • To assure the management and update of the Directorate-General of Health’s website and its social networks;
  • To accompany and mediate media relations, as well as to analyse and internally publish national and international media that are deemed relevant for the activities od the Directorate-General of Health.


  • Cristina Abreu Santos - Team Coordinator
  • Isabel Marinho Falcão - High rank physician
  • Isabel Pires - Legal expert
  • Sofia Ferreira - Public Health Assessor
  • Plácido Teixeira - Computing technician
  • Madalena Vilela - Technical assistant